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A Mixed Research on the Application of Project Based Learning in Art Education: Harran University Project Example

Purpose of the study is to provide the quantitative and qualitative measurement of Art Teaching students' views on project-based and learner-centered learning in the study group. In the analyses of the results, a mixed research approach including quantitative and qualitative data collection techniques was followed by evaluating the emerging attitudes and behaviors of the students. For the quantitative part of the study, Empathy Quotient (EQ) Scale was adopted and the experimental design with pre-test-post-test control group was used and the data were analyzed with this scale while the data obtained from the semi-structured interview form prepared by the researchers were analyzed for the qualitative part. Considering the research findings, qualitative analyses in the study produced much more meaningful results than quantitative results. In particular, the qualitative findings of “Art everywhere, School of Economics coloring” project funded by Harran University Scientific Research Projects Coordination Board has been shown to have positive effects on project based learning and practice based social outcome-oriented learning. According to this, with the project in which the students make their lives by practicing, the common attitudes and views that they enjoy, learn and benefit the society have been confirmed by interviews. Considering the results of the project, it is recommended to develop course content with social identity based on learning by learning and to develop projects that will increase the applications in this direction.

Art Education interdisciplinary, project, community service practices.


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