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The Usage of Recycled Pulp in the Visual Arts Education and its Contributions to Environmental Education: An Action Research

The paper today has ample opportunity to be used as an art, design and innovation material. In visual arts education, by teaching students the possibilities of creation and recycling paper; is likely to create a positive push for them, to establish a relationship between the object, the material, and the environment, and of course an ecological awareness. The purpose of this research is to clarify whether the method of usage of recycled pulp as an application material, has an effect on creating this awareness in a 6th-grade visual art course. In this research, an "action research design” has been used, which is an applied method of qualitative research. The study was implemented during the 2015-2016 scholar period, spring semester, in a secondary school owned by a private educational foundation with a total of 22 students in the course of 8 weeks. As part of the action plan implemented in line with the researcher’s objective, two and three dimensional artworks were created using the recycled pulp. In addition to the production of handcrafted paper leaves (2D), papier-maché technique was used to create figures of animal living on trees (3D) and water and food cups for these animals (3D), then the works were displayed on a tree made of package cardboards (3D) with the theme “Living Tree”. The research data was attained using various data collection tools, namely pre and post survey, opinion survey, semi-structured focus group interviews, student, teacher and researcher diaries and researcher’s observations. The frequencies attained from the data were divided into codes and then into categories and content analysis was used to interpret the findings. The resulting findings were interpreted within the framework of the study questions to obtain the results based on findings. The research has shown that; in a visual arts curriculum formed by an ecological point of view, the use of recycled pulp as an artwork creation material has a positive contribution to the students to raise an awareness on environmental education as well as the richness of paper for artistic creation.

Paper, recycled pulp, papier maché, visual arts education, environmental education.


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